The Top 7 Sports for a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

swimming - The Top 7 Sports for a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

Are you considering joining a new sports club or want to start living a healthier lifestyle? While it can be difficult to start out, the rewards of expanding your sporting horizons is endless. Not only will you up your game and be more fit, you will meet new people and broaden your social circle too.

In this post I discuss seven sports worth looking into if you want to try something different or new.


Running regularly has many health benefits. And it is not a sport that is restrictive, you can start running at any age and still get the same benefits. Start by running 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week, and you’ll soon discover the wonders of running. Beginners can alternate between walking and running, and work their way towards running without breaks.

tennis guy - The Top 7 Sports for a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle


Known as one of the greatest aerobic activities, an hour game of tennis can burn up to 500 calories. For a full body workout, nothing beats a couple of tennis games a week. It’s also a social and competitive sport that requires quick thinking, sprints and a whole lot of energy.


Swimming is considered as one of the best overall workouts you can get. While you don’t have to swim competitively, going for a swim a couple of times a week will do you wonders. It burns calories, builds muscles and you won’t get out of breath necessarily. The upside is you can do it any time of the year.

cycling - The Top 7 Sports for a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle


While you may have to cough up a small amount for a decent bicycle, it will be well worth it. Cycling is a fantastic low-impact exercise, and you get to cycle with a group of fellow cyclists which makes the activity way more fun and social. You can join a class and work your way up from there.


Did you know that squash is rated as the number 1 sport for health by Forbes? There are loads of health benefits, including improved hand-eye coordination, increased flexibility and strength development. It’s also a social sport, all you have to do is get your racket and join your local squash club.


Rowing is another low-impact sport which offers endless health benefits. You can either join your local gym and use their rowing machines, buy your own and exercise from home, or take to the rivers or lakes. Expect a healthy weight and increased muscle strength once you’ve got the hang of it.

volleyball - The Top 7 Sports for a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle


Last up we’ve got volleyball. Participating in a friendly game can burn quite a lot of calories, increase your agility and metabolic rate to name but a few benefits. You also don’t have to play competitively to benefit from the sport either. Many indoor gyms offer volleyball as a workout.

Are you ready to try out one of these amazing sports? You won’t regret it, I promise! If you have any questions about sports or running specifically, be sure to contact me. I love helping fellow athletes or newbies out with some tips and advice.

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