Under Armour Video

A couple weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to head up to Maine and take part in a video shoot for Under Armour. The morning we headed out to shoot just happened to be the morning a 14 inch snow storm decided to roll through – no big deal. It kinda perfectly represented how […]

Running PRs and Learning to Become an Adult Ballerina

I’m so glad I wrote that last post and went ahead with putting it out there, because I got so much feedback indicating that I wasn’t the only one feeling how I felt. For everyone who sent me a note or response, thank you for your honesty – it ain’t always an easy thing to […]

Look What This Body Can Do

I read a blog post last week that’s been stuck in my mind ever since. The post is written by Lauren Fleshman, a professional runner formerly with Nike, one USA’s top middle-distance runners. (if you’ve read the post, skip the next two paragraphs). Lauren had recently participated in New York Fashion Week as a runner, […]

My last post was in August so I guess it’s time…

Time to get the blog kicking again! It has been a while, and although it seems like everything should come to a relaxing standstill after running the Tour de France, life has been busy! As February is slowly rolling around towards spring here in VA, I’m starting to get that familiar itch in my legs […]

Going for broke in Corsica

I did it!  We did it!  Officially ran the route of the Tour de France and raised $166,000 in the process…I cannot believe it.  I arrived in Maine on Saturday evening after a 36 hr bonanza of traveling, and even after two full nights of sleep and being surrounded by my family in celebration, it’s […]

90 miles to go

I finished the second stage in Corisca yesterday, which means that all I have left is 90 miles.  Just 90 miles.  It’s crazy to even write that, crazy to think I’ve gotten this far, and I am still scared to even dwell on it for too long because I know the next 90 will be […]

Fundraising news and thunder storms!

Well, I can’t believe it.  I have one more day of normal running tomorrow, 32 miles to finish in Ajaccio, then I will take a day off, and then try and knock off the last stage, 90 miles, as one 24 hour ultra marathon.  Excited and nervous but mostly this all feels surreal.  Did all […]

Today might have been even hotter.

Today at 5:15 pm with three miles left to run, it was a scorching 43 degrees Celsius outside.  That is 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is inescapable. I finished with 32 miles and am exhausted.  For dinner I ate watermelon and popsicles and a giant serving of my new favorite and most refreshing food ever, fresh […]

Corsica is hot, still

I was writing a blog post in my head all day long and now somehow it is already 1130 pm and I am just sitting down to write it.  I probably sound like a broken record, but Corsica is HOT.  I couldn’t sleep last night so I got out of bed and did some reading […]


Hard to believe I am just sitting down to write about Paris and I’m already off and running in Corsica.  In the past week I’ve gone from the Alps to Paris to Corsica – I don’t know if it’s my legs or my mind which is most confused! In a word, Paris was special.  I […]